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2015-11-24 | SFO. CA | market | 6 Months Contract


Job Description
Experience with version control systems and collaborating on common code base in a Continuous Integration environment
HTML5, especially semantic structure of the DOM
CSS3 and preprocessors such as SASS or LESS
JavaScript functional programming (as opposed to imperative-style)
JavaScript events (event loop and callbacks)
Client-Side MVC frameworks (Backbone/Marionette, Ember, Angular)
JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Underscore)
NodeJS (for development and build environment tools, not for server-side JS in production - e.g. Grunt, Gulp, Shifter, Broccoli, Select, etc.)
JavaScript templating (Mustache, Handlebars, Jade, Soy, etc.)
Module design pattern
Dependency injection/inversion of control
Separation of concerns
Responsive Web design
JavaScript closures
Web accessibility (WAI/ARIA)
Front-end developer tools, especially JavaScript debuggers
Optimization techniques for front-end performance
JSON and Ajax for RESTful Web services
Single-Page Apps or flows
Simulators and toolkits for Mobile Web App development (Xcode tools, Android SDK, DeviceEverywhere, etc.)
Understanding of the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of the different browsers and platforms
Code/content separation and resource bundles
Unix shell scripting and command-line interface.


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