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2015-11-24 | Lakewood, CO | 50 | 12 Months Contract


Job Description
This project is intended to accomplish a particular functionality of a client’s medial software product.
From a customer site with internet access, datalog files need to be sent to the client enterprise. This can be summarized as a interface that queries the availability of files needing to be sent, then encrypting any available files, transferring them through the client firewall to a configured location, and decrypting the files. The service shall be able to throttle and schedule the transfer of the files.
The onsite scrum-master for which we are hiring will be conducting this project with a 5 member offshore team.
Skills required:
• Visual Studio 2013/C#.net
• Proficient with agile engineering practices (e.g. TDD, continuous integration, refactoring etc.)
• Good understanding of design patterns and their application


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