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2015-11-10 | Sunnyvale , CA | $50/hr | 6 Months Contract


"Sunnyvale, CA
6 months
Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for design, development, maintenance, testing, and quality and performance assurance of porting an existing Windows GUI application running on PC Tablet computers (running windows) to run on regular Windows 7 and Windows 8 platform PC/Laptop. This application was originally designed for the custom tablet HP ElitePad.

Required changes:

1. Resizable main dialog window
2. Automatically resizable and adjustable buttons, text boxes, etc.
3. Automatically resizable fonts
4. Upon exit (normal or abnormal) current application setting need to be save
5. Fonts, radio buttons, check buttons, etc should be compliant with client standards
6. Some additional changes may be discussed later

Position Requirements:
• Extensive experience in Win API usage and Visual Studio development is MUST
• Extensive experience in MFC is MUST
• Extensive Knowledge of modern GUI design
• 5+ years of experience in the GUI design and development
• Must have at least 5 years of experience in C and C++ programming languages"


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