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2015-10-05 | Richmond, VA | Open | Permanent Fulltime


"1. Server administration
 Monitoring -
o Everyday morning (Monday-Friday) monitoring all production BOBJ and Tomcat servers to make sure they are running as expected
 Verify Auditing
 Services status
 CPU and Memory behaviour
o Monitor servers during day
 Weekend support
o Restart all production Tomcat and BOBJ servers over every weekend
o Support weekend patching when needed
2. Application support i.e. Incident management
 Address the incidents in CATMAN, MIConnect and other other applications
 Work on adhoc/failure requests within these applications
3. BOBJ environment support
 Tasks performed on CMC (Central Management Console)
o Create groups and manage access to users/groups
o Participate in service allocation, creating new adaptive processing services if needed
 CPU spikes
o Analyse root cause CPU spikes on tomcat or BOBJ servers
o Analyze access logs on Tomcat to find out corresponding QaaWS (Query as a Web Service) and hung thread on the server
 Audit reporting
o Develop audit reports based on requirement
o Analyze user actions based on audit logs
 Migration requests
o Migrate reports/universes from one environment to other depending upon the request
 Development support
o Support development teams in their development by setting up access rights, enterprise accounts and other environmental issues.
o Create/manage ODBC connections, universe connections on request
4. SAP Marketplace
 Look for SAP Notes, news, new patching information
 Consult/follow up with SAP customer support if there is any pending incident/case with them"


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