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2016-05-09 | Lansing, Michigan (Preferred locals) | open | 12 Months Contract


MSP is experiencing slowness with multiple applications and services within their agency. Network Architect is needed to analyze the SOM network connectivity to determine if there are any network issues that are contributing to the slowness.

Currently, four applications are experiencing slowness within the Agency:
eAICS – the electronic Automated Incident Capture System which utilizes Microsoft .Net as a front end and Microsoft SQL as a backend
LCMS – Lab Case Management System (Forensic Advantage) which utilizes Microsoft .Net as a front end and Microsoft SQL as a backend.
MI-Train.org. – this application provides in-house training videos which utilizes the Internet.
Offender Watch – the Public Sex Offender Registry which utilizes the Internet.

The new SOM WAN provisioned by AT&T is a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network provisioned to support all SOM locations. This is done through what is referred to as AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) circuits to the sites. Sites also have additional means to connect to the SOM network

A Network Architect will review the wide area network and other solutions used for connectivity at. Current outstate solutions being used are:

1. AVPN Connections in 10 MB, 20 MB, 50 MB and above configurations.
2. Gateway to Gateway VPN Connections utilizing a local broadband provider to the site
3. An Internet Service Provider and a Cisco user VPN with RSA token
4. A satellite connection
5. A shared local agency network connection
6. Sierra wireless modem utilized in the patrol cars

The architect will do site visits at a minimum of ten SOM onsite locations and complete testing with all types of network connections (will not require own transportation, nor will they incur travel expenses for these visits).

1. Meet with MSP and DTMB staff to plan site visits and fully understand the intent of this request.
2. Develop a comprehensive test plan to include timeline, tools needed (to be provided by the network architect), sites and applications to visit and review, and access needed to be able to determine recommendations and conclusions.
3. Obtain sign off by MSP and DTMB.
4. Analyze the following: current network configurations, local application functions, traffic end to end, links between POPs, security, and upload/download speeds for packets on all specified applications.
5. In addition to testing the applications of eAICS, LCMS (Forensic Advantage), MI-Train and Offender Watch, test other programs available to each site but not being reported as an issue. These would include the State Records Management System, eDaily and the MSP Intranet.
6. Provide Test Plan for assessing the SOM network.
7. Provide a report after each site visit and a final Report with their findings and recommendations improvement.
8. Based on the bandwidth findings captured with each site visit, provide the minimum and optimal network connection speed needed.
9. Provide MSP and DTMB a roadmap for future connectivity recommendations.

All work will be performed by the Contractor on site at specified SOM facilities.

Contractor will be required to have SecureID & VPN to comply with Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) requirements if remoting capabilities are used by the Contractor (to be set up by the State, if required).

Approximately 7 month engagement. Work hours are not to exceed eight (8) hours a day, forty (40) hours a week. Normal working hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm are to be observed unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

No overtime will be permitted.

Skill Matrix:

Skill years used last used years of Experience Required / Desired
Experience working specifically at an Architect Level on MPLS Networks 5 Years Required
Overall experience working with MPLS WAN Networks 8 Years Required
CCNP Service Provider & CCNA Service Provider Certs; or CCNP Service Provider & CCIE Certs; or CCNA Service Provider & CCIE Certs Required
Experience analyzing network configurations, local application functions and traffic end-to-end Required
Experience analyzing links between POPs, security, and upload/download speeds for packets on application Required
Experience developing comprehensive test plans for network assessments Required
Experience working with TCP/IP trouble shooting tools (tracert, ping, finger, wireshark, finddler, etc.) Highly desired
Experience analyzing network responses across multiple network zones and connection solutions 5 Years Highly desired
Experience analyzing/understanding Vendor and Customer hosted solutions and the impact on expected response times 3 Years Highly desired
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a focus on Next Generation Wide Area Networks


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