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2015-10-01 | Richmond, VA ::Need Locals:: | Open | 6+ Months Contract


"• 7+ Years as a Systems Engineer:
◦ Intimately familiar with network, storage, and server hardware specifications;
◦ Experience managing a variety of operating systems, especially Linux;
◦ Advanced shell scripting capabilities;
◦ VMware, KVM, and/or Xen administration, heavily leaning towards VMware;
◦ Expert-level knowledge of networking at least through layer 4 and common Internet
services & protocols;
◦ Excellent troubleshooting skills and knowledge of tools required to analyze packet captures
and performance counters.
• Qualifications and certifications will be considered second to demonstration of knowledge and
experience in the areas of:
◦ Hardware;
◦ Networking;
◦ Security;
◦ Storage;
◦ Operating Systems;
◦ Virtualization."


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