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2016-03-31 | Redmond, WA | DOE | 6 Months Contract


Job Title: Database Security Engineer
Location: Redmond, WA
Duration: 6 Months
Primary Skills: SQL and C#/C++ knowledge
Position Type : Contract
Requirement Priority : High

Locals are Highly Preferable

Job description:
Looking for 2-3 Pentest contractors. Looking for people to come in and find security vulnerabilities in SQL 2016 server.
The specific target for the Application Security Component Pentest engagement will be the software, including services and applications that are part of SQL Server 2016 release.
An Application Security Component Pentest will consist on vulnerability discovery at the application layer will focus on identifying flaws documented in both the 2013 OWASP Top 10 and the CWE Top 25 most dangerous software errors.
There is some overlap between the two, but both serve well as references for test case creation during the assignment.
The OWASP Top 10 applies mostly to Web-applications and is listed here as:

2013 OWASP Top 10:
• A1 Injection
• A2 Broken Authentication and Session Management (XSS)
• A3 Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
• A4 Insecure Direct Object References
• A5 Security Misconfiguration
• A6 Sensitive Data Exposure
• A7 Missing Function Level Access Control
• A8 Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
• A9 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
• A10 Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

The CWE Top 25 applies to traditional client/server software as well as Web-applications:
• CWE-89 Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command ('SQL Injection')
• CWE-78 Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an OS Command ('OS Command Injection')
• CWE-120 Buffer Copy without Checking Size of Input ('Classic Buffer Overflow')
• CWE-79 Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation ('Cross-site Scripting')
• CWE-306 Missing Authentication for Critical Function
• CWE-285 Improper Access Control (Authorization)
• CWE-798 Use of Hard-coded Credentials
• CWE-311 Missing Encryption of Sensitive Data
• CWE-434 Unrestricted Upload of File with Dangerous Type
• CWE-807 Reliance on Untrusted Inputs in a Security Decision
• CWE-250 Execution with Unnecessary Privileges
• CWE-352 Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
• CWE-22 Improper Limitation of a Pathname to a Restricted Directory ('Path Traversal')
• CWE-798 Use of Hard-coded Credentials
• CWE-805 Buffer Access with Incorrect Length Value
• CWE-98 Improper Control of Filename for Include/Require Statement in PHP Program ('PHP File Inclusion')
• CWE-494 Download of Code Without Integrity Check
• CWE-863 Incorrect Authorization
• CWE-829 Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control Sphere
• CWE-732 Incorrect Permission Assignment for Critical Resource
• CWE-676 Use of Potentially Dangerous Functions
• CWE-327 Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm
• CWE-131 Incorrect Calculation of Buffer Size
• CWE-307 Improper Restriction of Excessive Authentication Attempts
• CWE-601 URL Redirection to Untrusted Site (‘Open Redirect’)
• CWE-134 Uncontrolled Format String
• CWE-190 Integer Overflow or Wraparound
• CWE-759 Use of a One-Way hash without a Salt

First priority for evaluation will be on Telemetry, and JSON data. Further scenarios and data services to be defined by the sponsor and group.

TOP 3 must-have skills
a.) SQL and C#/C++ knowledge. At least 3 years (5-8 ideal) years’ experience with Security Penetration testing from a larger firm, specialized consultancy, or as an independent consultant.
b.) Experience performing Application Security Component discovery focusing on OWASP Top 10 and the CWE Top 25 most dangerous software errors.
c.) Experience with Common Attack Vector analysis (Authentication, Authorization, Resource consumption, Input Validation/Sanitization, UI, and Information Disclosure attacks. Transport and Protocol Analysis.)

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