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2015-09-28 | Arlington VA(Need Locals) | Open | 1 Year Contract


"Hi Freind,

Sr Java Developer
Arlington VA (Need Locals)

1. 9+ years of active Java Programming working experience

2. Experience with fundamental knowledge of Java (application design and knowledge of principal code development)

3. Experience writing queries in SQL (can you solution a query & explain how to pull a java application from a database)

4. Experience with API’s

5. Has the candidate worked with terabytes of data

4. Experience with design concepts

5. Experience with database interactions

6. Experience with NoSQL or MySQL (couchbase?)

7. Experience with Big Data tools (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Kafka)

8. Experience with Chef, Maven, or Jenkins

Job responsibilities would include

1. Design and code backend Java applications and services

2. Develop an application from scratch

3. Implemented scalable big data systems which handle billions of requests

4. Design and program in Java in a Unix/Linux environment

5. Develop within distributed systems

6. Experience with object oriented programming (polymorphism, multithreading)

7. Solid understanding of RDBMS and database concepts

8. Prepare specifications and routines for data extraction and loading

9. Perform effort estimation for various Data Warehouse activities

10. Design a system to analyze 10-100,000 ad impression test files per hour on NAS minding file transfer completion and fault tolerance

11. Design a system to normalize 100k per hour requests from Ad servers minding parallel processing and I/O throttling and fault tolerance

12. Find a duplicate number from a large stream of random sporadic numbers with minimum memory usage


1. Bachelor degree. Technical degree preferred.

2. Experience with Database technologies (Oracle, Netezza, MySQL)

3. Experience of working with large scale databases

4. Hands on experience with ETL tools

5. Hands on experience with Java 7

6. Hands on experience with OOP (polymorphism, inheritance, overloading)

410-881-0455 Ext 104


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