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2016-03-11 | Bellevue, WA | Market Rate | 3 Months Contract


Description: Chef Resource SME
Bellevue, WA
3 months

Role Description:
The person will be responsible for delivering automation solution for installing both infrastructure (VMs, Network and Storage) and Applications (OpenStack cloud management platform). The work will require the person to understand complex pre-existing cookbooks, extending them and keeping the code in sync with other related client projects. The person will also be responsible for understanding and documenting requirements and delivering design documents and deployment guides. The role will offer plenty of opportunities to influence the clients by demonstrating new capabilities.
Required skills:
• Experience with Oracle Universal Installer” is VERY highly desired since 3 main components of BCS applications are Oracle products: Siebel, Business Intelligence, and Secure Enterprise Search
• Experience with Chef on Windows and Microsoft DSC is also VERY highly desired, as our Oracle products for this project are primarily Windows.
• Experience with setup and administration of all aspects the Chef Server
• Knowledgeable on Best Practices for setup and configuration of Chef
• Backup / Restore of Chef and all Chef data
• HA Clustering of Chef
• Multiple Years of Experience writing Cookbook / Recipes -
• Knowledgeable of Best Practices
• Use of Vagrant and Test Kitchen and other unit testing tools
• Experience with Chef on Windows and Microsoft DSC
• Desired Experience with Oracle Universal Installer
• Redhat Enterprise Linux Experience
• In Depth Understanding of Ruby Gems and Chef Marketplace
• Be able to help establish Boeing internal method of hosting Ruby Gems
• Be able to help establish Boeing internal method of hosting Chef Marketplace resources


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