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2016-02-29 | Phoenix, AZ | Open | 12 Months Contract


• 6+ years IT experience
• Work with various testing teams to Track, Gather, Analyze and understand their test data needs of various programs.
• Understand the Test Data Conditions / Requirements from complex business scenario user stories of integrated applications and identify related test data from Production environment.
• Experienced in Evaluating and Retrieving of Production Test Data.
• Perform Test Data Profiling / Masking / Scrubbing of PII confidential data and Load identified Test Data into SIT environments.
• Perform root cause analysis, resolves test data defects / issues of test data load and downstream data impacts.
• Perform preliminary validation of test data loaded for smoke testing and make sure Test bed environment is ready for testing.
• Full fill test data demands of the organization by coordinating with on-shore and off-shore teams.
• Develop methods to identify and build re-usable test data repositories for regression testing.
• Collaborates with Test management / IT Project Teams to deliver test data demands of various programs.


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