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2016-02-29 | Cleveland, OH | Market rate | 12 Months Contract


"Understand data requirements and business scenarios.
Understand the production data , integration points in the data, data content, definition and structure.
Analysis and fine tuning of data conditioning request.
Analysis on foreseeing data requirement.
Analysis on data reusability by data archival.
Discuss doubts/queries about data request requirement with Customer.
Identify the existing reusable data.
Determine the sub setting and masking requirements.
Optimizing the selection & subset criteria.
Data profile request handling and tracking it to closure.
Coordination with Release Management team on environment data build.
Execution on data refresh process.
Execute the sub setting and data masking using the tool.
Data capture & seeding for all releases.
Complete Data setup/refresh request and Validate.
Tracking data provisioning request.
Triaging on data related issues.


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