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2016-02-24 | Cleveland , OH | Market rate | 12 Months Contract


An IBM BPM Architect is needed to drive work related to multiple BPM applications to prepare for the First Niagara Integration effort. This
effort involves application development, migration of apps from 75 to 85, architecture, leadership and team coordination.
years experience with IBM BPM 8.5 Application Architecture, Design and App Development.
Familiarity with REST API, Web Services is required.
Deep Understanding of BPM platform and infrastructure is required, along with experience load testing BPM applications.
Experience migrating applications from BPM 7.5 to 8.5.x
Also required is an excellent level of communications skills and project/task management even though this is not a project manager position,
it requires coordination across multiple teams and locations. Excellent command skills are also required coupled with fast and factbased
decision making that carries along Key stakeholders.
Ideal Candidate:
Knowledge of SharePoint K2 would be a plus as some K2 apps might need to be rewritten
in BPM."


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