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2019-11-14 | Philadelphia, PA | DOE | 6 Months Contract


Ok so this job has been open and the manager said he is not finding Python Developers with Front End experience
He need Python Developer (NOT Devops ) with strong AWS experience
Before he wanted the AWS Developer Cert which he still does but he will consider people without the AWS Cert

1. On premise cloud (public & private)- AWS cert.
2. Python development in an AWS environment
3. Developing high performance, low latency system and web services
4. TDD Automation, writing test scripts, devops
Screening questions to ask & submit in write up:
what is a high volume and low latency system- what does it mean to have restful service that runs 24 by 7 at low latency but how are you making that system flexible enough to have 0 down time?
Breakdown of day to day
develop & tdd: 70%
devops: 15%
process documentation,etc: 15%
Group: Enterprise Business Intelligence – responsible for analytical applications in order to add value in terms of intelligence, adding intelligence to support strategy business, driving revenue, creating customer satisfaction/experience, retention, etc. business strategy goals- we would come up with diff. ideas to solve particular problems, very high level
Team/project: is collecting all demographic data for Comcast customers, we create personalized recommendations for our customers, these recommendations are delivered to integrated apps ( customer xservice app, mobile app, agent tools, etc) our goal is to create an omni channel solution for a unified experience across all enterprise products Soley to support our aws migration strategy – in various phases. We completed phase 1 ( big data component in the cloud)
Technology: Python, AWS, Devops, TDD – developer fully! When he says tdd he means the developer has to write test cases first, then they consider all positive and negative scenarios up front- when they are approved thean they start coding,


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