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2019-10-11 | FLORIDA,MA | DEPEND ON EXPERIENCE | 12 Months+ Contract


SQL Server Developer - Should be PwC (PricewaterCoopers)
Florida, MA
14 Months

Exp: 4-6 yrs

Extensive experience of SQL Server database internals – read and troubleshoot execution plans, analyze query operators, debug object locking and design efficient indexes.Ensure performance, availability and Scalability of databases to support system demand and concurrent access.Profile server resource usage and optimize and tweak as necessary – knowledge of SQL Profiler, Extended Events and/or other database analysis tools.Handle large volumes of data by implementing database features like table partitioning, memory optimized tables, column store indexes etc.Analyze and fix deadlocking and blocking issues.Analyze application code base to identify problematic dynamically generated database scripts and integrate the solutions back to the code base


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