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2019-06-13 | Santa Clara, CA | DOE | 12 Months+ Contract


The IDQ Developer will be is responsible for the following:

Developer Responsibilities:
• Designing, developing, testing, deploying and documenting a project's data quality procedures and its outputs.
• Document at a functional level how the procedures work within the data quality applications.
• The primary tasks associated with this are to use Informatica Data Quality to profile the project source data, define or confirm the definition of the metadata, cleanse and accurately check the project data, check for duplicate or redundant records, and provide information on how to proceed with backend ETL processes.
• Partner with data stewards to provide summary results of data quality analysis, which will be used to make decisions regarding how to measure business rules and quality of the data.
• Implement data quality processes including translation, parsing, analysis, standardization and enrichment at point of entry and batch modes; Deploy mappings that will run in a scheduled, batch, or real-time environment.
• Document all mappings, mapplets, and rules in detail and hand over documentation to the customer.
• Collaborate with various business and technical teams to gather requirements around data quality rules and propose the optimization of these rules if applicable, then design and develop these rules with IDQ.
• Design and develop custom objects and rules, reference data tables and create/import/export mappings.
• As per business requirements, perform thorough data profiling with multiple usage patterns, root cause analysis and data cleansing and develop scorecards utilizing Informatica.
• Develop "matching" plans, help determine best matching algorithm, configure identity matching and analyze duplicates.
• Build human task workflows to implement data stewardship and exception processing.


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