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2019-03-18 | Erlanger, KY | DOE | 12 Months+ Contract


Position: SOA Administrator
: Erlanger, KY
: 12+ Months
• Proactive Monitoring
o Monitor the SOA Servers threads, connection pools, message queues.
o Monitor SOA servers for process/service performance and SLA
o Monitor custom Application/Service alerts and log files
o Monitor load, performance metrics and usage
o Manage resources (space, CPU, Memory) usage
o Manage backup, recovery
o Monitor debug and log files

• WebLogic & SOA Server Management:
o Administration Server, Node Manager and WLS Cluster Installations & configurations setup.
o JMS and Distributed Destinations
o Platform JDBC Connection Pool
o Admin and Managed Server Deployments
o Inter-domain Communication
o Application/Service Promotion Process
o Deployment Scenarios and Deploying Major Releases
o Update of Configuration Files and product repositories
o Redeploy Application
o Configure Log4J Log Level for SOA Server’s.
o Configure/Update User Access and Security Plug-ins
o WebLogic Platform Service Pack and Version Upgrades

• SOA Management Services:
o Application setup and configuration assistance
o Troubleshooting middleware incidents and address resolution
o Provide applications incident/problem reporting, analyze trends, and recommended improvements
o Manage Application Domains, Clusters and Instances
o Manage Application sessions and Services
o Clone/Create new application instances, clusters and domains
o Deploy/un-deploy applications
o Manage resources (space, CPU, Memory) usage
o Manage backup, recovery

• Performance and Maintenance:
o Review and modify OS & JVM configuration parameters
o Assist defining and executing performance tests
o Gather/Review server statistics (Load, CPU, input/output, and memory)
o Review WLS configurations (threads, connections, and queues)
o Review Middleware statistics for performance bottlenecks
o Provide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Severity Level 1 incidents
o Be primary contact/interface to Oracle Support and Engineering
o Validate break-fix patches provided by Oracle Support
o Conduct impact analysis of patches on Environment
o Modify Environment components for Oracle patch impacts
o Validate and apply fixes for issues resolved by Oracle Support
o Create trace files, thread dumps, JRA logs for issue resolution to Support.
o Open Oracle Support Cases and Generate performance Technical Assistants Requests (TARs)


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