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2018-08-16 | Hillsboro, OR / Santa Clara , CA / Phoenix AZ | DOE | 12 Months+ Contract


• Install, configure, administer, and extend Perforce for the purposes content development. This includes integrated code peer review, compilation, continuous integration, performance data collection and analysis, systems admin and monitoring, and more.
• Work closely with build engineers on multiple content teams to train, mentor, and evangelize Perforce best practices.
• Define and enforce best practice utilization of Perforce by end users.
• Work with content and development teams to build systems around and support pipelines.
• Define requirements for hosted servers and cloud services to accomplish Perforce based continuous integration systems.
• Monitor and upgrade the servers and systems as necessary to enable distributed development among teams located in multiple studios worldwide.
• Define, implement, and continuously improve workflows and processes including branching strategies and integration, site proxying and mirroring, disaster recovery, and archiving.

Must Have:

• 2+ years of experience implementing and managing Perforce based source code control and continuous integration systems, base source code control
• 2+ years of experience working with perl scripts
• Experience supporting Perforce usage in a large organizations.
• Scripting skills required in batch mode
• Experience installing, configuring, and managing Helix Swarm
• Experience acting as system administrator for Perforce running on Linux servers with clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux
• Strong communication skills and the desire to teach and mentor other engineers with varying domains of expertise
• Strong desire for continuing self-education in Perforce software and its best practices
• Familiarity with an interactive experience development pipeline is a plus
• Git/Github/Gerrit knowledge is a plus
• Python/C# experience is a plus


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